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Brent “Superman” Sieckman

This site is dedicated to raising money for the “Sieckman” family as they go through the most difficult time of their lives. Brent “Superman” or “Sooperjeenyus” Sieckman recently suffered a sudden heart attack and was hospitalized following an emergency quadruple bi-pass surgery (he is only 32 years old!). In an attempt to add some “fun” to this grim situation, we have decided to have a “Virtual Car Wash” to raise money for them.

What is a Virtual Car Wash you ask? We have no idea! Just as you would donate money for a specific cause when you see a car wash at the local gas station, you can donate money for the Sieckman family AND get your car washed too………..ok, not really…….but you can pretend! We will post pictures of friends and family members washing their vehicles and you can donate to the cause by clicking the picture above. Also, if you would like to send us a picture of you washing your car (or vehicle) and have it added to the site, just email us at Remember, it’s for a good cause so the better picture, the more money people will donate!!!

BTW….does anyone REALLY go to these car washes to get their car washed…….it’s more for people watching, duh!! Oh, that and to help a good cause……yea…..the cause. Anyway, use your judgement, whatever we think “sells”, we’ll post!! Send all submissions to and thanks in advance!



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As you can see there is no age restrictions with this fund raiser! Lil Luke is keeping his fancy sports car clean and helping out the cause at the same time. Looks like you’ve got that car pretty clean, great job! Thanks Luke!


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Ann is proving that tricycles are not just for kids! This picture has a little bit of everything….the sun shining bright, the cool, refreshing water splashing around and best of ………. service with a smile! Now if this picture made YOU smile, you have to donate at least $1. Thanks Ann! DONATE HERE

These children aren’t about to sit around and do nothing, they are outside ready to raise money themselves! The “Save Superman Virtual Car Wash” is notjust for cars and trucks. Bicycles, tricycles and scooters are welcome too! If you think these guys are doing a good job, don’t forget to donate to Brent and his family! Thanks kids! DONATE HERE


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Theresa has found a way to show her support for Brent & his family AND catch some ‘rays’ at the same time. Something tells me the car may actually need to be washed after her tan. 🙂 People, this is pure gold, donate!! Thanks T! DONATE HERE


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Ashleigh is in full support of the Sieckman family and doing it in style! I’d say she’s worth AT LEAST a $5 donation, come on people open your wallets! Thank you Ashleigh! DONATE HERE